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About Dr. Patrick

Dr. Patrick Flynn "The Hormone Whisperer"

Dr. Patrick Flynn D.C., is the founder of The Wellness Way, as well as an international speaker and author, but still maintains that he is a “simple, country boy who loves what he does.” Dr. Flynn grew up in Crivitz, a small town in northern Wisconsin. He was inspired early in life to understand the human body when teachers labeled him as “troubled and hyper” (reflecting a modern day ADHD diagnosis). Rather than turning to medication, he turned to education, and as a thirteen-year-old boy he read numerous books his local library had to offer. Shortly after meeting his now wife, Christy, she informed him that she was unable to have children and his direction became clear: understanding hormones and the subject of fertility. Dr. Flynn continued his studies with greater passion and built his practice around achieving the best clinical outcomes for patients by testing for and addressing the reasons for dysfunction, rather than focusing on symptoms. As such, he has been able to successfully guide patients with a wide variety of clinical diagnoses to restored function. Now he and his wife have four beautiful daughters.

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