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Dr. Patrick Flynn, founder of The Wellness Way and international best selling author, has decades of relentless study and experience in bringing people results. Not only clinically, but in their relationships and life as well.


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Dr. Patrick Flynn


Dr. Flynn is Chiropractor and the founder of The Wellness Way. As a young child, he was labeled ‘troubled’ because he had a difficult time learning, focusing, and existing within the school system. Years later, as a teenager, he went through a series of events that led him to discover he had immune issues which contributed to his neurological setbacks. This discovery inspired Dr. Flynn to begin his journey defining his purpose and initiating his pursuit of education.

He has attended numerous colleges and took countless courses from learning institutions including the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and Marinette, Scott College, Northwestern Health Sciences, National Health Sciences, Palmer College of Chiropractic, and Harvard Medical School— HMX Fundamentals Online Certificate Program- Immunology. His education contributes to his expertise in immunology and hormones.

Within his 21 years of practice, he trained thousands of doctors on a different approach to healthcare and continues to do so today. There are currently 80 practicing clinics across the world. Dr. Flynn is also the author of an international bestselling book— I Disagree: How These Two Words Are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health. He makes an impact by hosting seminars for the public called The Hormone Connection.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, he states he is a small-town country boy that came up with an idea to help people.


How These Two Words are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health

Everybody has a story - it's a unifying factor that we can all relate to and learn from. When it comes to health, that story can be tragic or transformational (and sometimes both.)


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Our testimonial

I definitely took a lot away from tonight. Dr. Patrick was extremely informative on how women’s bodies are so much more different than men…….I definitely learned a lot..I left tonight so energetic about what we can take away (as a married couple) and change.

It was a fascinating way on the idea of thinking differently….Your own personal issues and challenges..I’m like, “Oh yeah. That makes sense.” The way he (Dr. Patrick) put it.

In my own health experiences with doctors….I get my tests done it covers the symptoms and I never really find out what is actually causing this. Like abnormal symptoms I’m experiencing so I’ve felt a lot of frustration personally and at my job (nurse).

I’m a physical therapist (wife) and he’s a nurse (husband) and I think it’s a lot of underlying issues we’re not addressing or referring out to help further what we are trying to work on…understanding the hormone stuff in females and males is huge.

I really didn’t know what to expect but it was eye opening and really put it in a perspective that I couldn’t understand prior to this. This will change our relationship and health. (husband) It encourages me to dive deeper what I can be doing better for my health.

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