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Creating a Global Health Revolution

Chronic conditions are at an all time high. We need a different perspective.


Tune in live every Saturday morning for A Different Perspective with Dr. Patrick Flynn.

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See Dr. Patrick Live

In Dr. Patrick’s live seminar based on his bestselling book, “I Disagree,” attendees will gain a new perspective on healthcare, learning to challenge the status quo and prioritize natural remedies and preventative care.

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International Best-Selling Book and Live Seminar

I Disagree is more than just a book and seminar; it’s a call to action for those seeking to take control of their health and challenge the traditional healthcare model. With Dr. Patrick Flynn as your guide, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and practical tools for living a healthier life.


The Wellness Way

A network of Health Restoration Clinics that think and act differently to solve the health challenges others can’t.

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Discover how you can become a part of The Wellness Way’s health revolution through our Franchise, Coaching, and Academy opportunities.


A Wellness Way franchise combines our global strategy and local relationships to bring health restoration to your community.


If you want to bring the very best healthcare approach to your clientele, but you don’t want to lose your unique presence and brand within your community, then our Coaching Program is the solution you’ve been looking for.


An online educational tool geared toward preparing you to be able to support an individual to restored health, through the use of testing and nutritional recommendations, including supplementation.


Dr. Patrick Flynn

Dr. Patrick is a clinician, chiropractor, international speaker, and international best-selling author dedicated to changing the trajectory of rising rates of chronic health conditions. As founder and CEO of The Wellness Way, he invests his time teaching the philosophy and casting the vision that has set the company up as a network of world-renowned health restoration clinics.

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