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Restore Your Health: 6 Tips to Start Your Journey


Too many of us feel sick and tired too often. Sickness isn't your body's natural state. I know it doesn't feel like that when you're trying to restore your health but it's true! Your body is always working towards homeostasis, or balance. Sickness is your body responding to all the stresses the world puts it under. It has to adapt to the stresses we unknowingly, or knowingly, put our bodies through.

It's not normal to feel like garbage everyday just because you're getting older. There are natural ways to heal your body. Your body deserves the healthiest version of itself. I'm going to tell you about 6 of the best ways you can support your body's health. These concepts are not only important, but they are safe and low cost. Some are even free. I'd like to say they are all easy, but for some of you this will take some work. But trust me — once you incorporate them into your life, they will become a lot easier!

It's not a pick and choose list. I recommend incorporating all 6 of these natural tips into your healthy lifestyle. Remember, there isn't one magic bullet when it comes to building a healthy life.

6 Tips to Start Your Journey

1) Get that Shut-eye

How many people do you know who wear their lack of sleep like a badge of honor? Are you one of them? We have to change this. It's unhealthy for all of us to live in a way that glorifies lack of sleep. Your body needs sleep. That's when it heals itself and, for women especially, when it restores its hormone reserves. Men should be getting eight hours of sleep and women up to 2 hours more.

When my patients work on their sleep habits and are able to get a good amount of quality sleep, I start to see dramatic improvements to their health. It costs nothing to sleep but can have huge impacts. For some of us though it's not as easy as it sounds, so we need to work on that.

Tips to improve sleep:
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Incorporate inversion techniques like yoga or an inversion table
  • Turn off electronics and lower lights before bed
  • Sleep in total darkness and take in the natural light in the morning
  • Try CBD oil to help relieve insomnia (1)
  • Practice nighttime rituals
  • Be consistent with your sleep habits