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February 13, 2021: “Defining Moments” Recap

February 13, 2021— Last week’s episode of A Different Perspective was hosted by our very own, Ross Skorzewski.

Dr. Patrick Flynn was in Spring, Texas, where he had a busy weekend hosting a Hormone Connection with Dr. Beth Cook, celebrating his wife’s birthday, and being featured on Del BigTree’s show The HighWire.

For this episode, Ross walks us through A Different Perspective’s vault, showing us defining moments of the show through past episodes.

Ross emphasizes the importance of reflecting on ‘ah ha’ moments which changed the trajectory of your prior thoughts and beliefs, which is what The Wellness Way is all about.

1) A Different Perspective Explained

In the first archived clip, Dr. Patrick Flynn delves into the philosophy of what it means to have a different perspective.

He uses PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) as an example. In the video, he explains how PCOS rates have been dramatically increasing, yet the public still chooses to believe that our current healthcare system is modeled to prevent such crippling conditions and diseases.

However, our healthcare system tends to only diagnose and treat conditions with pharmaceuticals that can have life altering effects.

In the video he uses a real-life example from a Wellness Way patient who had one of the worst cases of PCOS Dr. Patrick had ever seen. She had reached out to him, initially, because she was having difficulties conceiving, even though she was on multiple prescriptions for PCOS from her doctor.

She went through Dr. Patrick’s recommended treatment plan, and nine months later was able to finally conceive a baby.

This success story is a result of Dr. Patrick’s ability to see in a different perspective, besides what the “experts” have to say. Not only can another perspective achieve great results by meeting the specific goal, but it can improve someone’s life in the long run by making them healthier in a general manner.

In his video, Dr. Patrick says he “understands the hate” or criticism that he faces. One of his mantras is that change is a painful process. He simply sees the backlash he receives as a part of the grieving process as people’s beliefs are challenged or interrupted with contrary information.

2) Sugar

The next clip which contributes to a defining moment for A Different Perspective is all about one of our favorite things: sugar.

Dr. Patrick Flynn essentially breaks down common misconceptions about sugar intake in this video.

He explains how ‘sugar’ is a blanket term used to describe multiple molecules.

“[Sugar] is a generic term that describes any of the classes of soluble, crystalline, typically sweet-tasting carbohydrates obtained from plant sources and other living organisms.”

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about sugar is that it is the direct link to how our body metabolizes. However, Dr. Patrick explains how Sugar Absorption is actually what contributes to our metabolism.

He explains how good cards and bad carbs are not chemically different, but how they are absorbed is what deems them ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

He goes on to say how high Fructose levels are the leading cause of heart disease, and that if someone wishes to lower their cholesterol it’s as easy as limiting their Fructose intake.

Another misconception about sugar is that our brains don’t need it. Dr. Patrick contradicts this common belief by explaining how too much or too low of blood sugar leads to a coma. He also explains how those with blood sugar regulation issues, specifically diabetics, experience nerve pain. Both observations prove our nervous system is directly impacted by our blood sugar levels.

3) Our Perspective On Health Care

At The Wellness Way our care focuses on preventative measures rather than reactive.

In this segment Dr. Patrick reveals how women with the pre-determining gene which causes breast cancer are often pressured into cutting their healthy breast tissue off. Often, fear mongering occurs so that women feel obligated to comply. He then goes on to explain how humans cannot be genetically engineered for disease, and that it is preventable.

Yes, the gene exists, but it will only evolve into cancer if it is triggered.

He says that the doctors’ testing process is “dramatically incomplete” and emphasizes how cutting healthy breast tissue off should not be the only viable option to avoid breast cancer.

After battling breast cancer, women are often put on an estrogen-inhibiting drug. This is because breast cancer comes from a dominant form of estrogen. Dr. Patrick criticizes the notion that the only way to avoid recurring breast cancer is by inhibiting the production of estrogen in the body.

While the female hormonal system is his passion, Dr. Patrick Flynn knows that unbalanced hormones can be detrimental to a woman’s body. One of his patients had elevated levels of 5 out of 7 estrogens. This meant that cancer in the future was inevitable. With guidance from Dr. Patrick and lifestyle changes, her hormones then became regulated which depleted her chances of a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Patrick then quotes Morpheus from The Matrix, he says, “I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

Our health care system today never actively solves a problem, instead it prescribes a drug after it is already too late.

At The Wellness Way, we understand real differences are made from lifestyle changes in our patients. With our guidance, the correct changes can be made, and the proper results will show.

At the end of the video, Ross says, “The very thing we stand for at The Wellness Way is being able to see people have the opportunity to see their healthcare problems solved.” and that “I love the skin I’m in, I want to take care of it.”

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