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February 20, 2021: “More Defining Moments” Recap

February 20, 2021— This past week’s episode of A Different Perspective was once again hosted by our very own, Ross Skorzewski. Dr. Patrick Flynn and a few other members of our team are in Florida, getting ready for the upcoming seminar which takes place in April.

In this episode, Ross, again, walks us through the A Different Perspective vault, and shows us archived footage from past episodes that encompass the core purpose of the show.

Cytokine Storm

The first archived clip from a past video is of Dr. Patrick Flynn explaining why a cytokine storm occurs, and how it signals that our body’s natural immune process is functioning.

He begins by explaining how our body relies on Natural Killer Cells (NKC) to attack foreign substances in our bodies. If someone is deficient in NKCs due to various reasons, and then receives a supplementary form of them to restore their immune system, their body has an inflammatory response.

The inflammation happens when our bone marrow recognizes the supplements and releases a hoard of NKC to attack the foreign substances in our body. This occurrence is often recognized as a cytokine storm.

The inflammation often causes pain and discomfort, but it is merely signaling that our bodies are doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

Dr. Patrick Flynn encourages those interested in restoring their immune system to first have it tested so that their immune levels can be determined. If someone is extremely deficient, it is better to supplement in lower doses before gradually taking full doses. The gradual increase can ease the discomfort and onset of a cytokine storm.

Reducing Stressors

“We’re never going to see a day where our lives are stress-free. Instead, we learn how to reduce those stressors intentionally in our lives which leads to better health, better display, and a better opportunity for us to show up and be the best representation of ourselves.” -Ross Skorzewski.

The Wellness Way’s approach to stress is unique because our doctors and practitioners are trained to evaluate every stressor in your body and life.

In this segment, Dr. Patrick Flynn references Dorland Medical Dictionary’s definition of stress. It says:

“Stress is a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental or physiological reactions that may lead to illness. Technically speaking, stress is a disruption of homeostasis (balance), which may be triggered by alarming experiences, either real or imaginary.”

Reducing stressors in your life is especially important, because although they are emotional, they can take a physical toll on your body.

Dr. Patrick says in the video, “Most of people’s physical pain is emotional, it changes their biochemistry. Stress creates physical pain.”

One way to lower your stress levels, is to surround yourself with people who listen to and understand your worries. Whether it is a friend, partner, parent, etc., their listening ears are a vital key to de-stressing.

Dr. Patrick says, “Just by understanding someone, without having an answer, you change the direction of their health both mentally and physically.”

So, while we need others to listen to us, it is important that we can reciprocate the effort and be someone else’s confidant when they need it.

When our body is displaying symptoms of physical stress, a common misconception is that a greater underlying health condition is the reason why.

In the video, Dr. Patrick explains how it is commonly believed that high blood pressure is a pre-determining factor of heart disease, cancer, and strokes. He then reassures us that is just a stress response, and that our cortisol (stress hormone) levels should be evaluated.

He urges people to have their stress hormones tested and says that any doctor can do it. However, at The Wellness Way, a thorough test is completed because 4-5 samples are used.

Dr. Patrick Flynn’s Greatest Accomplishment

A viewer reached out and asked Dr. Patrick Flynn what he believed to be the greatest accomplishment of his lifetime.

His answer was simple: “My great accomplishment is I know I’m doin’ it right.”

In retrospect, Dr. Patrick believes that he used to be a coward. His success felt invalidated because he disagreed with what others around him said but did not speak up and ultimately lied about his viewpoints to be accepted.

In this segment, he says, “There’s only one way to be liked by everybody, and that’s to lie to everybody.”

He goes on to explain how morning he woke up and didn’t like who he was as a husband, father, or doctor. After a difficult conversation with himself, he realized that he needed to work on himself if he truly wanted to succeed. He asked himself: “Do I want to be accepted, or do I want to influence people?”

Regardless of how others may think, or feel, Dr. Patrick is sure that he made the right decision to abandon the image of what people wanted him to be.

He says, “You get one shot at yourself. You’re going to make people upset. We’re not supposed to think the same.”

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