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March 13, 2021— “Supplement Series: Chaste Tree” Recap

March 13, 2021— Nicole Saleske, FNP, hosted the latest episode of A Different Perspective while Dr. Patrick Flynn was in Florida expanding the company and spreading The Wellness Way’s message. This episode was dedicated to Chaste Tree, an herbal supplement which has been used for centuries.

The use of Chaste Tree can be dated back to Athenian women, where it was especially used in celebration during an 8-day fertility festival. The supplement’s constituents act as a hormone-balancing regulator for women, which is why it has been (and still is) praised for its ability to restore hormonal imbalances that potentially cause infertility.

PMS Symptoms

Moodiness, headaches, painful cramps, bloating, etc., are all common symptoms of PMS in cyclical women. However, just because they are common… Does not mean they are normal.

Profound PMS symptoms often signal that a woman’s body is not regulating FSH and LH hormones correctly.

Nicole references an article from the National University of Natural Medicine, where they compiled evidence that supports the notion in which Chaste Tree relieves PMS symptoms.

The article refers to Chaste Tree as Vitex, another common name for the herb. It says, “Compared to fluoxetine and oral contraceptives, the efficacy of Vitex was no different, meaning it worked just as well.”

Oral contraceptives are often prescribed to relieve the body of PMS-related symptoms. However, they are associated with side-effects which can cause the body more harm than intended. With natural herbs, such as Chaste Tree, women are relieved of their PMS-related symptoms by restoring their hormonal balance, instead of manipulating it.


Chaste Tree’s constituents also offer relief for menopausal symptoms. Nicole references an article which found that women who took Chaste Tree had 3 times lower incidence of hot flashes.

Interestingly, Chaste Tree also increases melatonin production, which aided menopausal women’s ability to achieve a better night’s sleep.


When a woman’s body produces too much Prolactin, it can cause a benign tumor to form in the pituitary gland. This tumor effects the regulation of LH and FSH hormones, which in turn can cause a woman to have no period or throw off the timing of her period.

When a woman is diagnosed with said tumor, a medicine is prescribed to inhibit the over-production of Prolactin. However, Chaste Tree can also inhibit this over-production and achieve the same results in a natural way.

A study found that women with secondary amenorrhea or luteal insufficiency achieved pregnancy, while taking Chaste Tree, twice as often as those who didn’t.

Immune Support

Along with hormone regulation, Chaste Tree’s constituents also have antimicrobial benefits against MRSA, can be helpful towards vaginal flora, has anticancer and anti-inflammatory activity.

As beneficial as this herb is, Nicole urges her viewers to stray away from impulsively purchasing Chaste Tree. Without proper testing, there is no definitive way to ensure that its usage would be executed efficiently. Each of our bodies is different, and our supplement intake should reflect this perspective.

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