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March 27, 2021— “Supplement Series: Nettle Leaf” Recap

March 27, 2021— On this past Saturday’s episode of A Different Perspective, Dr. Jason walked our viewers through the profound constituents of Nettle Leaf.

Nettle Leaf is an herb that is widely regarded for its diuretic, antihistamine and nutritive benefits. It has also been researched as an effective antirheumatic, depurative and counter irritant for topical allergies and pain.

In this video, Dr. Jason explains the specifics associated with Nettle Leaf. Ranging from alleviating seasonal allergy symptoms to shrinking breast cancer tumors, this herb seems to do it all.

Sugar Regulation

Insulin is responsible for allowing your body to use glucose for energy. An impairment of this process results in diabetes mellitus.

Nettle Leaf has been known to maintain and restore insulin levels through its high percentage of polyphenols.


  • May help lower blood sugar levels
  • Lower risk of Type II Diabetes
  • May prevent the breakdown of starch into simple sugars, lowering the likelihood of blood sugar spikes after meals
  • May also help stimulate the secretion of insulin
  • Lower fasting blood sugar levels
  • Promote higher glucose tolerance
  • Increase insulin sensitivity

All these associations with Polyphenols (which are heavily present in Nettle Leaf) are important factors in lowering your risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

Immune Function

Nettle Leaf is also useful for its anti-inflammatory properties. Its extract affects key receptors and enzymes associated with allergic rhinitis. In other words, it can be used to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms.

In the video, Dr. Jason explains how he is especially allergic to grass. In the spring, at the peak of allergy season, he regularly ingests Nettle Leaf to ease his symptoms.

Sufferers of arthritis may also apply Nettle Leaf topically to reduce arthritic pain.

Another surprising immune function is that Nettle Leaf can shrink cancerous tumors and help prevent cancer. The herb can induce apoptosis (cell death) in tumor cells. Its cytotoxicity kills cancer cells, and the polyphenols’ anti-proliferative properties stop cells from mutating.


If you have a lot of oxidation cells in your body, it begins to break down your nervous system, which in turn causes nerve pain.

The saponins extracted from Nettle Leaf have profound antioxidation properties. In clinical trials, it was found that Nettle Leaf’s saponins worked better than prescribed medication for wound healing and reduction.

It’s antibacterial and foaming activity means it is regularly used in the manufacture of soaps and other common cleaning agents.

Hormonal Support

Nettle Leaf offers hormonal support for both men and women.

  • Women: Nettle Leaf can decrease menopausal hot flashes and increase the quality of life for post-menopausal women.
  • Men: Nicotine consumption can decrease fertility drive in males by inducing oxidative stress and DNA damage. Nettle Leaf has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that can restore their reproductive system.

Gut Health

Nettle leaf has antiulcer activity. It does this by protecting the stomach mucous membrane, hindering excess acid secretion, and diminishing the acidity of stomach juice.

It also promotes healthy digestion by promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria while fending off harmful ones. Healthy gut microbiota is linked to overall brain health and a stronger immune system.

Why Nettle Leaf?

Nettle Leaf has proven to be a superb herb, which has a multitude of restorative properties. Users of this herb have the potential to experience relief, just as if they were using prescribed or OTC drugs. However, Nettle Leaf strays away from being associated with debilitating side effects.

Dr. Jason strongly urges Nettle Leaf users to make lifestyle changes while ingesting herbs. Yes, taking herbs alone can have beneficial aspects. However, to experience the full potential, lifestyle changes are encouraged.