Episode 71 | Mom Panel

From Frustration to DAUNTING task to HOPE realized, these mothers share the beginning of their Wellness Way Jo...

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Episode 70 | Teen Sex Drive, A Parent’s Dilema

Dr. Patrick and host, Ross, answer a mother’s question about her teenage son’s lack of sex drive. ...

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Episode 69 | PCOS, Endometriosis, & Circumcision

PCOS, endometriosis, and circumcision! Dr. Patrick and Ross Skorzewski cover these topics and answer your ques...

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Episode 68 – Unsuccessful IVF

Dr. Patrick and Ross begin with a question from a woman with unsuccessful in vitro fertilization. On the fly, ...

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Episode 67 – Uterine Ablations & Visitors

Dr. Patrick and Ross tackle a question on uterine ablations and how they might effect someone’s future. ...

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Episode 66 – Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. What can you do to keep from needing to wear the pink ribbon? Dr. Pa...

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Episode 65 – High Testosterone in Women

Dr. Patrick and Ross Skorzewski talk about the upcoming Hormone Connection events he has coming up and why the...

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Episode 64 – Hormonal Impact on Pregnancy

Dr. Patrick Flynn and Ross Skorzewski discuss a wide range of topics, from priorities and responsibilities to ...

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Episode 63 – Boobies

Dr. Patrick and Ross discuss BOOBIES! (This is Fancy Nancy and they won’t give me anything else to add to th...

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Episode 61 – The Freshmen 15

The Freshman 15 – more than just weight. Dr. Patrick & Ross Skorzewski tackle deeper implications of...

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Episode 60 – Back To School & Endometriosis

It’s that time of the year again, back to school vaccines! What’s required for you to send your ki...

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Episode 59 – NOOMA Brothers

Join Doc and host Ross Allen Skorzewski on the Dr. Patrick Flynn show as they host the the NOOMA brothers tal...

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Episode 58 – Appreciating Women

Join Doc and host Ross Allen Skorzewski for another episode of the Dr. Patrick Flynn show for some fun! Send y...

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Episode 57 – Viewer’s Questions

Join Doc and host Ross Allen Skorzewski for another episode of the Dr. Patrick Flynn show as they answer viewe...

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Episode 56 – Vaccination

Join us for another episode of the Dr. Patrick Flynn show as Doc and special guest Dr. Sherri Tennpenny discus...

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