Episode 10 – Transplants. Weird Fertility Question, & The Sugar Daddy

Organ recipients or joint replacements – both are amazing procedures that can prolong/improve life! Can ...

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Episode 9 – CBD, A Listener’s Plea

Today on the show, Dr. Patrick and Ross address CBD and marijuana. Is it good or bad? What about the synthetic...

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Episode 8 – ADD & ADHD

In today’s episode of The Dr. Patrick Flynn Show, Ross and Dr. Patrick interview their mom’s as th...

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Episode 7 – Making Babies

Today on The Dr. Patrick Flynn Show, our very pwn Nicole Saleske R.N. accompanies Dr. Patrick and Ross while s...

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Episode 6 – The Fallacy of Genetics

Dr. Patrick Flynn and Host Ross Skorzewski will go over a very unique topic today, the fallacy of genetics! Hi...

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Episode 5 – 3 Keys to Testosterone

Men have hormones too! Check out this episode to see how Dr. Patrick and Ross respond to the question of a wom...

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Episode 4 – Does My Child Need a Pediatrician?

Today Dr. Patrick answers a questions that frequently comes up from parents around the country: Do I need a pe...

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Episode 3 – Sex, Love and Coconut Oil!

In this episode Dr. Patrick addresses questions on female sex drive – should women have libido as men? A...

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Episode 2 – It’s All About People

When a woman does everything ”right” – diet, exercise, go Gluten and dairy free, etc –...

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Episode 1 – Shut Your Pie Hole!

Welcome to the launch of the Dr. Patrick Flynn show – the most fun place to hear the RIGHT information o...

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